April M. Rimpo's Fused Glass Gallery

Mosaic Morpho by April M. Rimpo
Mosaic Morph

April first studied fused glass in the early 1990s when warm glass techniques were beginning to re-emerge as an art form in the United States.  She has received an award for Most Original Fused Glass.  She has studied in Arizona and Maryland, continuing to add more advanced warmed glass techniques to her repertoire. She had a solo exhibit of her glass at the Maryland Federation of Art’s Circle Gallery in Annapolis in 2007.  Her glass was accepted into an international open medium show at Gallery International in Baltimore.  Her glass has also been exhibited at Quiet Waters Park Gallery, the Columbia Art Center, Montpelier Art Center, the Dorchester Art Center, and at The Artistry in Arizona.  As part of the National Capital Art Glass Guild, April has participated in juried exhibits at Arts Afire Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia, American Craftworks Collection in Annapolis, Maryland, and at Rossdhu Gallery formerly in Chevy Chase.

April's fused glass projects are varied in technique, style and purpose.  Some of her work is representational, while others explore textures, or strive to evoke an emotion through color and form.  Several of April’s pieces are of galaxies and deep space objects; inspired by her husbands love of astronomy.  

Petal Vase by April M. RimpoApril uses a variety of techniques in her fused glass.  The "mosaic morph" piece at left was created using stip-cut glass, where each strip is the same height and stacked on edge before fusing. In this case the strips were placed lenghwise in a triangular container before fusing. Once annealed the elongated triangle is then sliced cross-wise, resulting a number of triangular pieces with the same pattern of white, blue and black glass. April then created the pattern seen here by arranging the triangles into this shape and with strips that formed the white and glue border. All of this was fused again to create the mosaic shown.

Her vases are done by slumping disks of glass through custom molds that she creates.  The flower petal vase shown here was created by first creating a ¼” thick billet of glass composed of fragments of a variety of colors of glass, including clear glass with a metallic iridescent finish that helps make the piece glow.  The billet was full fused so all the glass fragments became one smooth piece of glass.  It was then cut using a diamond ring saw to form the petal shapes slightly larger than the size of the mold.   This allowed the petals to droop over the edge of the mold as they heated.  The molds have holes in the center where the glass can “drop out” as it heats and becomes fluid. Once the glass reaches the bottom of the kiln surface, either creating a flat bottom or connecting to a base, the vase is ready to cool and anneal.   Some of the molds April makes have scalloped edges, while others do not.  Since April allows the glass to flow over the edge of the mold on some of her pieces, disasters can occur; perhaps the vase cannot be removed from the mold or the outside edges droop too far and become too thin.  It is this experimentation that keeps April enthralled with these projects.

The Forest - fused glass by April M Rimpo“The Forest” is displayed in a simple rod iron stand.  It is about ¼ inch thick and was created from two home made sheets of glass.  One sheet was made of warm colors for the treetops and the other was created in earthtones for the background. These custom sheets are created from shards of glass cut from a variety of glass sheets to create the desired color palette. The tree top sheet was cut into tree shapes using a diamond ring saw and then composed into the final panel along with additional glass strips, lamp worked components, and glass powder and frit to create the desired look and feel of the piece. These components were fused in the kiln to attach the separate elements and create the final composition.   Golden Hexagon Electricity Series fused glass by April M Rimpo

The shallow bowl is part of April's electricity series.  This piece uses lamp worked black stringers that she pulls from strips of sheet glass heated in a torch until molten and easy to shape. April bent the stringers while they were hot to give them an organic feel.   She paired these stringers with gold hand- painted zig-zag shapes that are applied using a gold pen. The gold and stringers are fired into sheet glass at high temperatures so the finished image is smooth with the surface of the bowl.  April placed the black stringers so they run into the black glass that borders the golden iridescent glass, so the stringers appear to grow out of the border.  Once the square piece was fully fused and annealed with the stringers, it was heated another time to slump it into a mold. creating the shape you see at right.

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Aurora Borealis II - fused glass by April M Rimpo
"Aurora Borealis II"
Fused Powered Glass Image
18" tall X 15" wide X 2.5" deep


Windows into Deep Space
"Windows into Deep Space"
Fused Strip-Cut and Powdered Glass Images
12" X 12" fused glass

Measurement in Stand:
20" tall X 17.5" wide X 8" deep


Streambed II - fused glass by April M RimpoStreambed - fused glass by April M Rimpo
"Streambed I"
Fused Glass with Metalic Inclusions
15" tall X 9" wide
Stand is 10" wide
Can be displayed vertically or horizontally


Cliff Dwellers - fused glass by April M Rimpo
"Cliff Dwellers II"
Fused Glass with Strip-Cut Inclusions
13" tall X 11" wide glass
in 4" deep stand


The Tree - Powdered Glass by April M Rimpo
"The Tree"
Fused Powdered Glass Tree on Streaky Glass
15" tall X 7.5" wide glass

Measurements in Stand:
16" tall X 7.5" wide X 8" deep


Lines & Curves Portal - fused glass by April M Rimpo
"Lines & Curves Portal"
Fused Glass
10" diameter

Measurement in Stand:
14" tall X 11" wide X 7" deep

$200 SOLD

Emerald Electicity Plate by Maryland Artist April M Rimpo
"Emerald Electricity Plate"
Fused Glass with Gold Paint
12" X 12" plate

Measurements in Stand:
14" tall X 12" wide X 5.5" deep



Golden Hex Plate - fused glass by April M Rimpo

"Golden Electricity Hexagon Plate"
Fused Glass with Gold Paint
10" X 16" plate

Measurements in Stand:
11" tall X 16" wide X 4.5" deep


Pine in the Desert - Fused Glass by April M Rimpo
"Pine in the Desert"
Fused Glass
19" X 12.5" plate

Measurements in Stand:
24" tall X 16" wide X 6" deep



fused glass by April M Rimpo
"White Crane"
Fused Glass with Powdered Glass Features
20" X 10"

Measurements in Stand:
26.5" tall X 13" wide X 6" deep


Dragonfly Portal - Irid Glass by April M Rimpo
"Dragonfly Portal"
10" diameter with Etched
Iridized Fused Glass

Measurements in Stand:
14" tall X 11" wide X 7" deep


Butterflies in Flight - Fused Irid Glass by April M Rimpo
"Butterflies in Flight"
12" X 13" Etched
Iridized and Dichroic Fused Glass

Measurements in Stand:
17.5" tall X 14" wide X 8" deep


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