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Deer with her Fawn by April M Rimpo
Deer with her Fawn
Fluid Acrylic Mounted on
4 " X 4" X 2" deep
Cradled Wood Panel

Stackable Art Series

Morning Song by April M Rimpo
Morning Song
fluid acrylic on Aquabord
5" X 5" with 2" deep cradle*

(* framing not required)

Stackable Art Series

CactusWren by April M Rimpo
Cactus Wren on Prickly Pear
Fluid Acrylic on Varnish, Gallery Wrapped* Paper
8" X 8" X 1.5" deep

(* framing not required)

Keeping Watch by April M Rimpo
Keeping Watch
Watercolor Mounted on
Deep Cradle Wood Panel*
14" X 18" image

(* framing not required)

Hiding by April M Rimpo
Fluid Acrylic & Watercolor
22" X 11" image
29" X 18" brushed silver frame

Breakfast for Two by April M Rimpo
"Breakfast for Two"
Fluid Acrylic
on Varnish, Gallery Wrapped* Paper
34 " X 24" X 1.5" deep

(* framing not required)

White Crane by April M Rimpo
"White Crane"
A playful watercolor and fluid acrylic
14" X 11" gallery wrapped* and varnished

(* framing not required)

Pigeons I by April M Rimpo

"Pigeons I"
8" X 22.5" image
14 " X 28" brushed silver frame

Pigeons II by April M Rimpo
"Join the Crowd"
10 " X 14" image
14" X 18" brushed silver frame

Available through HorseSpirit Arts Gallery

Pigeons III by April M Rimpo
"Pigeons III"
18" X 22.5" image
24" X 30" brushed silver frame

Deco Rooster by April M Rimpo

"Deco Rooster"
Fluid Acrylic

Prints available


Cardinal on Honeysuckle
"Cardinal on Honeysuckle"
Fluid Acrylic on
Varnish, Gallery Wrapped* Paper
6" X 6" X 1.5" deep

(* framing not required)

Hen with Chicks by April M Rimpo
Hen with Chicks
8"X8" fluid acrylic on paper
Varnished & Gallery Wrapped

Taking Flight by April M Rimpo; pigeons; birds
"Taking Flight"
14.5" X 10.5" image
21" X 17" brushed silver frame

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